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Boarding Facilities

We have tried to think of your every need by providing a variety of accomodations in a convenient layout and at reasonable rates. From stalls and shelters to storage for trailers, our facilities are extensive.

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Boarding Facilities

Main Barn:
28 12' x 14' box stalls with automatic waterers.
6 14' x 16' box stalls with automatic waterers.




Small Barn:
9 11'x12' box stalls with automatic waterers.

Stalls with runs:
12 11' x 12' box stalls with runs and automatic waterers.

Shelters with runs:
33 shelters with runs
and automatic waterers.




Tack Storage and Tack-up Facilities:
13 tack storage and tack-up locations.



Andrea with Executive



Round Pens:
three round pens are spread out for easy access for all residents.





Wash Racks:
Three wash racks - two year-round wash racks with hot water and one seasonal wash rack with frost-free hydrant


Isolation Stall:
11'x12' concrete floor and steel-interior walled stall is available should the need arise to isolate a horse for any reason.

Shavings Storage:
A designated shavings storage unit to insure protection for all bedding.

Driving Vehicle Storage:
Covered storage area for driving vehicles.

Trailer Storage:
Resident boarders have access to trailer storage facilities.

Irrigated Hay Production:
220 acres of irrigated hay ground provides quality hay year round

Hay Storage:
Two hay barns:
one 40'x120', one 43'x220'



Rocky Mountain Lazy J Bar S Ranch has the necessary equipment to maintain all arenas, grounds, trails and ranch operations.

Facilities are located to minimize congestion and to provide the resident boarder with convenient, secure tack storage and tack-up area.


Rocky Mountain Lazy J Bar S Ranch, LLC
3756 West County Road 16
Loveland, Colorado 80537
Established in 1975

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