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Boarding Rates
(Effective January 1, 2014)

Stalls in Main Barn..............$495 per month*
Stalls in Small Barn..............$460 per month*
Stalls with runs....................$465 per month*
**Shelters with runs.....$450 per month*
Includes feed and hay and stalls cleaned daily.

Feed: Hay and grain amounts adjusted
Customer's requests.

* Rates are per month or fraction thereof.
** $100.00 for each additional horse in large




Non-Boarder trailer in fee: $25.00
Trailer in for resident trainer: No charge
* Guests of Boarders to use the facilities: No Charge
* Guests will be requested to sign a release liability form and have
current health papers
These forms are available in the office.
Note: All boarding fees are due each month in advance.
The above rates include use of ranch facilities.

We accept Master Card, Visa and
Discovery credit cards

Replaces Rate Schedule dated January 1, 2013.

Rocky Mountain Lazy J Bar S Ranch LLC
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Loveland CO 80537
Telephone: (970) 669-1349
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